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Victorian Coloured Glass / Flashed Glass.

Flashed glass is often used in older properties, although thin it's colour lasts decades, starting popularity in the victorian era and still being made today.
First gathering of glass is taken from the pot then dipped into the a second colour, resulting in a sheet having one colour in the body covered with a thin flash of second colour.
Because flashed glass can vary in thickness across the pane it may impact the variation of the hue, but these are natural properties of the glass. Acid etching/sandblasting and brilliant cutting can then be used to erode away the flashed colouring to create different variations of glass designs.

Brilliant Cut Glory Stars: Flashed Glass
flashed glass glory stars
Probably our most popular glass using flashed glass is our brilliant cut glory stars, you can read more about them here
We also remake bespoke brilliant cut corners panels, if you're intreasted in getting a quote please send a picture of your broken panel, along with sizes, images of previous works based on bespoke designs can be seen below.
flashed glass cut glass panels

Borders | Flashed Glass.

There are different variations of borders on flashed glass, including brilliant cut, and sandblasting, and acid etching on flashed glass.

When creating these pieces they are bespoke items, and not stock items, often done when a customer has a broken panel and wants one to match the orginals.

The image on the right shows two different design effect on red flashed glass, one being brilliant cut, the other being an acid etched effect.
coloured glass borders

Along with varation in effects in how designs are applied, there is also shaped differences, one of the popular ones when restoring flashed panels are arched window panes.
arched window coloured glass

Arched windows require customers to send in true templates, in order for us to cut the glass to size.

All these pieces are price on application.

arched glass window repair

Brilliant Cutting Information

There are varied options that also include Brilliant cutting, to see some of the other options that include brilliant cutting on larger etched panels, please see visit our brilliant cut glass webpage.
Plain Flashed Glass (No Design)
We also supply plain flashed glass, that has no design, once again flashed glass is mainly made for borders and corner pieces so has limited sizes, in order for more information and costing please email us. sales@artglass.org.uk
brilliant cut glass flashed glass

acid etched coloured glass floral brilliant cut glass flashed glass panels brilliant cut flashed glass panels window door