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Brilliant Cut Glass

Brilliant cutting is a extraordinary skilled and artistic process,
an age-old process passed down through many generations via apprenticeships.
The process creates designs on glass and mirror and is all done by hand.

These unique brilliant cut pieces are all individually handmade out of flashed glass using Victorian traditional methods.
Often seen as corners in Victorian sash windows and Leaded Lights.
Below are some of our standard designs available to our customers, we also offer a copy and reproduction service.

Brilliant Cut Glass
Prices are below

102mm Sq Glory StarEach1 Set Of 4
127mm Sq Glory Star
1 Set Of 4
152mm Sq Glory Star
1 Set Of 4
For sizes that exceed 152mm Sq please email us for a quote.

Brilliant Cut Glass

Prices for these brilliant cut pieces are price on application.

Brilliant Cut Restoration

brilliant cut glass panel brilliant cut glass restoration

If you have a broken brilliant cut glass panel we can help, art glass offer a copy and reproduction service.
An example of this can be seen below, a before (left) of the broken pieces of brilliant cut and then the after (right).
This service is Price on application.

Glass restoration

Incorporating Brilliant Cut Glass

Brilliant Cut Glass can be incorporated into many aspects of the home, including-
sash windows, doors, windows, double glazed units, leadlights, and stained glass.
You can see examples of this below.
decorative stained glass
brilliant cut glass doorbrilliant cut glass leadlight sash window glass

If you're intreasted and want a price please e-mail your sizes and a picture of the design to-


brillcut repair

Brilliant Cut Etched Panels.

Brilliant cutting is also used in different ways, such as etched brilliant cut panels. This is a very artful and traditional use of brilliant cutting, and you may see this used in historic pubs & bars across the UK.

We also do brilliant cutting etched panel service, though this is more for recreating panels to match orginals.
As to create these designs designs we need a rubbing.

As previously mentioned, these panels will often be found in older period properties, such as the image to the left depicts, the orginal and recreated panel, we do our best possible match.

If you're looking for a price to recreate a panel to match an orginal, we would require sizes and photosgraphs in order to quote.

But just as a refrence, the image example to the left cost £940.00 +VAT to recreate.

brilliant cut panel

Frequently Asked Questions.

brilliant cut glass

Variation in Flashed Glass Colours

When it comes to flashed glass, there is a variation in the colours, this is due to the fact that flashed glass which brilliant cuts are made onto has changed a few times over the years, so there are different shades of brilliant cut corners out there.

So if you're looking to match flashed glass to an orginal panel you already have, For us to be able to match it up appropriatley we will require a sample sent out to us, along with a rubbing of the customers orginal brilliant cut piece.

Glass Rubbing

If you cannot send us the orginal panel for us to copy a brilliant cutting, we will require a rubbing.

This enables us to get a better determination on the design and its sizes, if you're not sure on how to do a rubbing please watch the below video.

flashed glass

Natural Glass Properties

The mouth blown handrolled flashed glass supplied and which we make the brilliant cuts on is hand made and has natural seeds, cords and variations in tone.
This variation, and the fact that every item is hand made and is part of the unique characteristics of each individual piece of glass.

You can watch a video here on how flashed glass is made (this is a traditional method of making flashed glass and if you have any orginal pieces in your home, if you look closely enough this is something you will notice).

Flashed glass is alot more expensive than the standard fired enamel range we offer, so we cannot always send out samples.

This glass cannot be toughened as it is too thin.

acid etched glass colour

Brilliant Cut On Flashed Glass Vs Acid Etched On Flashed Glass

Customers also tend to have acid etched on flashed glass, and assume it's brilliant cut on flashed glass.
Please see the image to the right to see the differences in both these techniques.

Where as brilliant cut glass is made using a diamond wheel and the image is carved into the surface of the glass.

Acid etched traditionally was made by using acid, though we here at Art Glass do not use acid, we have created a technique that is very simialir, and we reccomend this technique for anyone trying to match orginal flashed panels with acid etching.

More information on flashed glass here.

*All goods will be supplied subject to VAT @ 20% When ordering any glass off our website please make sure you provide the correct sizes including the correct tolerances. We can not take any responsibility for sizes that have been provided incorrectly! Information on glass sizes can be found on our MEASURE UP page, or if you require any further information on measuring up please contact us we are always here to help.