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Traditional leaded-lights, also known as “Stanied Glass” is made by incorporating different types of textured, coloured glass and hand painted glass, joining the individual pieces with milled section lead, soldered together to form a leaded-light.

The leaded light is then cemented to make it weatherproof, they also may be encapsulated inside double glazed units.
We can copy and reproduce your orginal designs or we can commission a new design with our in house Illustrator based on your requirements.

Traditional leaded-lights may be used for many different applications; public houses, private homes, shops, signs, celling lights & domes.

The price examples on this page are for single glazed leaded-lights, Price on application for triple glazing (encapsulation) Our Stained Glass Leaded lights may be supplied single glazed or triple glazed.

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Leadlight repair
Art Nouevau Flower(above)
Made to fit into a two panel exterior door. This allowed an obscure view due to the mottled clear glass.

Leadlight panels

Art Nouveau Tulip (above)
Made area to go into a restored door Price based on 560x1070mm - £449.40 Per Panel + VAT

Leadlight Door

Victorian Geometric (above)
Made to go into one of our Derby Hardwood doors

House Number Fanlight (below) Leadlight suppliers

With fanlight lead lights we are able to make coloured house numbers & names, these are specially handcrafted adding colour & sandblasting, if you're intrested in more information please email us.

House Number "85" Fanlight Leaded-Light (below)
modern Leadlight windows

A Fanlight for above a front door, depicting a house number. Made for a customer Based in London. Price on application.

glass house number Leadlight window designs

art nouveau glass

Victorian Flower (above)
This leaded light is of a art nouveau flower, made by ourselves for a privatecustomer in St Helens Merseyside.Price based on 550x520mm £220.00 + VAT

Leadlight for sale

Bathroom Leadedlight (above)
On the right you'll be a beautiful leaded light situated in a bathroom, this particular stained glass leaded-light is encapsulated inside a double glazed unit, made for private customer in Padiham. Price On Application

Leadlight skylight Leaded-Light Skylight (above)
Price On Application. In a hallway originally this skylight was filled with 1970 mottled glass, giving an obscure effect. But replacing the glass with leaded-lights allowed a whole new atmosphere to the hallway, with light rippling through the colours it unquestionably gave the Victorian house a whole new lease of life.
Leadlight art

Art Deco Lead Light (above)
The picture above shows a beautiful Art Deco style leaded-light to suit a property of the 1930s era. This exquisite piece was placed in a door. Price based on 610x520mm £390.00 + VAT

Leadlights uk

Sure & Steadfast (above)
The beautiful and bold "Sure & Steadfast" leaded light to the left was made in remembrance of a gentleman for Childwall Methodist Church in Liverpool.

Stained Glass & Leadlights

Sea Life Leaded-light (Above)
A leaded light made for a private customer displayed in their bathroom.
Price On Application

Leadlight Flower
Restoring Broken Leadlights
At Art Glass we offer the service of Restoring and mending broken Leadlights, as you can see from the photo above this is a before and afer of a broken leadlight, this leadlight was very old and had suffered from bowing (you can read more above bowing and antique leadlights here). As you can see we restored the leadlight to its former beauty!

bevelled glass

Bevelled Leaded-Lights
Bevelled glass is often made by taking thick glass and creating an angled surface cut, otherwise known as a bevel, around the entire periphery.
Bevels act as prisms in the sunlight creating an interesting colour diffraction which both highlights the glass work and provides a spectrum of colours which would ordinarily be absent in clear float glass.
Please look at the photograph on the left as an example.

bevelled stained glass

Circular Bevelled Leaded-Light (above)
This piece was made for a private customer from the Cheshire area, fitted into a circular window frame, with mottled glass to obscure views but allowing light in Price On Application

stained glass

Bevelled Diamond Leaded-Light (above)
The design to your left shows how you may incorporate bevels into leaded lights.
Price based on 598x990mm £440.00 +VAT.

architectural glass

Bevelled Matching Door & Window

Bevelled Window and door, made for a private customer in Liverpool,
in this photo you can see the obscurity of the glass,
and how well the light falls through the windows,
casting the prisms of colour on the bevelled glass.

Price On Application.

Brilliant cut Leadlight
Incorporating Brilliant Cut Glass Into Leaded-Lights
Brilliant cutting is a extraordinary skilled and artistic process, an age-old process passed down through many generations via apprenticeships. The process creates designs on glass and mirror and is all done by hand.
These unique brilliant cut corners are all individually hand made out of flashed glass using Victorian traditional methods.
Often seen as corners in Victorian sash windows and Leaded Lights.
On this page you will see a few how these beautiful unique Brilliant cut pieces can be introduced into leaded lights. brilliant cut glass

Leadlight designs

Art Nouveau Symmertrical Lead Lights (above)
A stunning set of leadlights all in keeping with each other, if you're looking to keep a colour palette running through your home this is something we can help with, making sure the leadlights compliment your home and are in keeping with each other.
Price On Application

Fanlight Leaded-Lights

decorative glass panels

Have a small frame but still want a leadlight? We can help you come up with something that will completely tranform that little window or fanlight! where its something simple as the above, or something with a little more as the images below.

hand painted glass Leadlight

Hand Painted Roundels in Leadlights
Hand painted leadlights can be quite costly, like the ones you can see incorporated into the leadlights seen above each layer is individually fired and requires a lot of time and skill, alternativley we have offer a cheaper option called fired enamel roundels.

Castle & Ship Leaded-Lights

stained glass art

Landscape effects can be created if desired, the leaded light above is spread across four windows,
with an image of a ship and castle.
Price On Application

Poppy Leaded-Light
Leadlight London
Have a row of matching leadlights and one is broken? We can help! Countless times we have have customers come to us in need of leadlight restoration, and we have been able to fix it making it look good as new!
Price On Application

Internal Leadlight

Floral Leadlight
Adding leadlights to internal doors can brighten up a room and we can help you choose a colour pallete that will fit in with your home.
Price On Application


Symmetrical Floral LeadLight
This stunning lead light has been recreated for a number of customers for different fittings, including doors.
Price On Application

Leadlight designs Door Leadlight
Want to see more designs available, please visit our leadlight gallery page, if you can't see anything you like, we suggest having a look on our Pinterest, filled with lots of designs and styles, we can recreate any designs desired for our customers. *All goods will be supplied subject to VAT @ 20% When ordering any glass off our website please make sure you provide the correct sizes including the correct tolerances. We can not take any responsibility for sizes that have been provided incorrectly! Information on glass sizes can be found on our MEASURE UP page, or if you require any further information on measuring up please contact us we are always here to help.