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Etched Glass, Frosted Glass, Sandblasted Glass & Obscure Glass.

Etched Glass
Etched Glass: Shrewsbury Design

Etched glass, otherwise know as frosted glass, satin glass, obscure glass, acid etched glass or sandblasted glass is the process of obscuring clear glass, but allowing some areas clear, creating a decorative design onto the glass.

Creating art on the surface of the glass is a traditional technique, and here at Art Glass we do not use any plastic transfers as other companies do.

Our decorative glass workshop creates various etched glass panel designs, some of these are our standard etched victorian designs, these glass designs are regularly applied to glass stock sheets, so when a customer approaches us looking for some cheap and cheerful glass we are able to take the etched glass stock sheet out of the glass rack, cut the etched glass panel to the customer sizes, toughened the etched glass so it's ready to send out to the customer.

Our Wide Selection Of Stocked Etched Glass Panel Designs.

Standard glass panel designs that we have stocked, and are ready to be cut to your sizes, below you will see four examples of our standard repeat pattern etched glass designs, from £37.60 +VAT per panel.

Victorian Etched Glass

you can see more of these repeat etched designs here

We also stock various other etched glass window & door designs, this our our centered etched glass panel range, these glass designs can be used in various ways, including adding etched borders,
four of our popular etched glass designs are displayed below,
prices from £86.87+VAT per panel.

If you hover over the image with the mouse you can see the detail of the designs.

etched glass door panels

you can see more of these etched glass panel designs here.

If you're looking for something a less distinct, we offer a range of borders that can be applied to the glass.

etched glass fanlight

These etched glass border designs are used in different ways, sometimes they are for a door, other times (and more frequently) they are used for Etched House Numbers, Etched Fanlights, Or Etched Transoms.

We can create these specificly to your ideas, either with plain borders, some of our decorative borders, or no borders at all.

etched glass house numbers

You can read & see more about our etched glass fanlights here.

Our Process?
All our etched glass is made here in our glass workshop, and we send it out to different glass companies across the UK.

making etched glass

Our process etched glass making process is done with screen printing, applying the design to the glass, then put through a sanblasting machine. We then remove the design screen printed onto the glass, having the final result of the design etched onto the surface of the glass.

Satin Glass/Acid Etched Glass/Double Etched Glass

We also have a double etched glass range, similar to satin glass but most of our customers mistake it for the technique of acid etched glass, a traditional method of creating obscured glass.
victorian etched glass
Hover over the image to see design detail.
etched glass bathroom
Hover over the image to see the detail.
The photo above displays the difference between out standard etched glass (left) and our double etched glass (right)

We again have standard designs in our double etched glass, for malton doors, and as repeat etched glass patterns. You can find these designs and prices here.

Using our double etched glass technique, this particular glass is perfect for rooms that require complete obscurity, leaving no clear bits in the etched glass.

This is perfect for bathrooms, and we have even done bespoke jobs previously, especially for bathrooms, and shower rooms like the one to the left.

Restoration Etched Glass.

Have a design in mind, and its not like any of our cost effective standard etched glass panels? We can help!

etched glass window

We also offer a restoration service, if you have photos of a broken glass panel that needs an exact match, or even drew something up yourself that you want bringing to life?

Well thats were our restoration etched glass service comes in, this is not limited to residential properties, but commercial properties also.

pub etched glass restraunt

As you can see from the image above we can go into great detail with the designs, using different techniques.

These jobs are prices on application, based on sizes and the design required.

We hope this was informative, if you have any queries please email us- sales@artglass.org.uk


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