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Etched Glass Or Plastic Film?

The etched glass we produce at Knowsley Art Glass dramatically improves the aethetics in any room, with the designs abraded into the surface of the glass, this allows the glass to transmit light allowing brightness in even the darkest of rooms, and is ultra violet stable.

Unlike the imitation plastic film which is not ultra violet stable and will block out the light, it is also difficult to apply to the glass without air bubbles and dirt appearing.

etched glass or plastic film
The longevity of the plastic film has been reported at around 5-6 years,
compared to etched glass this is nothing, we have known our products to stand up to the riggers of time, lasting from 20-30 years!

Not only could you be paying for more for a lesser product like plastic film, but it could also devalue your property unlike etched glass.

For four decades we have researched archives for original designs & techniques,
often to reproduce orginal etched glass work designs,
also to use the artwork for our own traditional etched glass designs.

This type of work often draws on our considerable experience, being able to use the skills of our forefathers alongside techniques we have developed ourselves, these techniques are exclusive to Knowsley Art Glass.

Below is a close up video showing our P22 design etched onto 4mm glass.

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