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One this page you will find etched door panels that have been specially designed to suit the standard 2XG2 doors that we supply, the sterling door range are external doors they have mortise and tenon joints, these doors are very hard wearing. We have formed some designs on one sheet of glass using some of our standard designs, available as single glazed or may be made into toughened double glazed units, We can also supply these designs reverse etched, double etched or simply etched.
You can use the designs from our two panel range in the center with our border options/corners (To look at the other various border & corner options we have to offer please visit out 9 Panel Page).

Border Options

P22/C3 Border
Design Size 420mm X 820 mm

P21/VP2 Border/E51
Design Size 420mm X 820 mm

P28/P10/E52 Border
Design Size 420mm X 820 mm  

Price for single etched panel up to 700mmX1120mm £90.10 +VAT per panel
Price for double etched panel up to 700mmX1120mm £184.00 +VAT per panel

The Difference Between Etched Glass (left) & Double Etched Glass (right) 

Standard Etched P34.

The Standard Etched panel has an etched background and clear design,
Design Size 500mm X 880 mm Price For Panels That Measure Up To 610X1120mm 4mm Cut To Size And Toughened Single Glazed ~

£90.10 Each + VAT

Reversed Etched P34

Reversed etched leaves the background clear, allowing an enormous amount of light into the room, the design gives off a white effect perfect for any intricate design.

Price On Application


Double Etched (DE) is a technique that allows the perfect obscurity with the design as well as the background is etched, unlike our standard etched where you can see through the design.
Price for panel that measures up to 610mm x 1120mm 4mm cut to size & toughened single Glazed~ £183.75 + VAT

P33 Wide Panel

The P33 (seen to your left & right) design is one of our more older bespoke designs recently made available as a standard product to our customers after a fair bit of popularity. Ideally made for wide panel doors, this design is beautifully geometric complementing most of our border options. Available in both our standard etched & double etched, this design allows a wonderful amount of light into a room.

Price On Application

*All goods will be supplied subject to VAT @ 20% When ordering any glass off our website please make sure you provide the correct sizes including the correct tolerances. We can not take any responsibility for sizes that have been provided incorrectly! Information on glass sizes can be found on our MEASURE UP page, or if you require any further information on measuring up please contact us we are always here to help.

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