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To produce the fired enamel stained glass panels depicted on this page, the glass panels are silk screened with several Vitraux glass enamel colours in design form,
onto a single sheet of glass, then fired in the kiln at 580°C (Melting point of glass).

Most of this type of work we use adhesive lead over the edge of the design to imitate traditional lead work.
Because the colours are printed on one side of the glass,
it makes these fired enamel pieces ideal for double glazed units.

The Enamelled panels are a more cost effective way of adding character back to your period style property.

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Prices from £78.75 + VAT Per Panel.

Price based on panel size 250x1068mm price includes toughening P.O.A. if size exceeds P.O.A. for double glazing. These panels are formed to suit Internal & External doors.

Transom Lights, Fanlights Or 1930’s Style Door Panels.

Victorian Glass

The designs above have been copied from 1930’s designs, the colours are vibrant fired enamels NOT plastic film,
they may also be made into toughened double glazed units using K glass to comply with current building regulations.

These stained glass panels offer a traditional look that are also energy efficient and are more cost effective,
ideal designs to compliment any 1930s style property.

Price from £63.00 per panel + VAT.
Price based on a panel size up to 500mmx300mm price includes toughening P.O.A. for double glazing.

Having trouble getting the sizes for your glass?
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Stained Glass Panel Glass Panel

Fired Enamel Stained Glass Panels Using Alternative Center & Border Options

The design to your left may have any one of the below alternative center designs applied,
with a choice of several different coloured borders and diamonds which are all centralized
and fired on the one sheet of glass and leaded with adhesive lead.

Prices from £75.00 + VAT
Price Based on a panels 250mmX1086mm price includes toughening.
Price on application if size exceeds & for double glazing.

Stained glass or enamelled glass, is glass that has colour applied to the surface.
The enamels are made from different types of metal, ground glass and flux which are mixed together to form the enamel.
The different types of metal gives the glass it’s colour.
When the enamel is applied to the glass it is then fired in a kiln between 560-620c.
At this temperature the glass at melting point and the enamel fires into its surface becoming stained glass.

Glass RoundelStained Glass Window
Decorative Glass

edwardian stained glass

Other Fired Enamel Panels

To your left displays fired enamel panels that are very
useful in high pedestrian areas because they may be toughened after the colours have been fired into the glass.
The enamel glass panels may be supplied single glazed or double glazed.

Our enamel panels are unique as unlike plastic film which is used to imitate stained glass our enamel colours are ultra violet stable.

The colours that are used in plastic film will only last about 5-7 years The VITRAUX enamel we use is the same enamel which has been used for hand painting on to glass for Ecclesiastical windows (Church windows) for hundreds of years.

traditional stained glass

The door to your right is displaying a fired
enamel for wider door panels.
Prices from £157.50 + VAT.
Price based on a panel size of 610mmX1068mm
price includes toughening P.O.A. if size exceeds
P.O.A. for double glazing. These panels are specially
formed to suit 2XG 2 Panel Exterior Doors (see Door Range)
Floral Glass

*All goods will be supplied subject to VAT @ 20% When ordering any glass off our website please make sure you provide the correct sizes including the correct tolerances. We can not take any responsibility for sizes that have been provided incorrectly! Information on glass sizes can be found on our MEASURE UP page, or if you require any further information on measuring up please contact us we are always here to help.