Signwriting With Enamels On Glass

Sign writing is a careful process, with various techniques to create different styles, one of our more popular choices is the enamel printing, the glass panels are silk screened with several Vitraux glass enamel colours in design form, onto a single sheet of glass, then fired in the kiln at 580°C lasting 100's of years. We make signs and logos for commercial use in pubs, shops, restaurants, offices and even film sets- availability in a range of styles including gold, silver, drop shadow, etched, acid etched & colour. All this work is visually bespoke, ideally for externally facing signs as it does not fade with the ultra violet light, unlike plastic vinyl which is known to have around a seven year expectancy. If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to e-mail us-

We offer a range of typography, not only in gold and silver, but a whole range of other colours! Please email us to find out the services we can offer you-

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

We have recently done a job for The Lion Tavern based in Liverpool, the job consisted of two panels as as seen above, one with "Liverpool Gin" and "Local Ales & Stouts" both screen printed in a bold gold, to match the existing panels as seen below.

The Peaky Blinders

As part of the dramatic crime drama Peaky Blinders, we were involded in creating the two "Shelby Company Ltd" door panels that lead into the office on set, these were made with a layer of sandblasting with the font and borders left clear, and makes a create example for any office glass needed.

The Plaza Cinema

The Plaza Community Cinema was a job that consisted of 8 panel with Plaza printed in blue enamel completed with a stunning art deco border etched onto plain glass.

The Crooked Billet

we have designed and made a number of public house signs for various pubs in the past, and we are always happy to help our customers find a design that matches the decor of their establishment. If your intreasted in looking at some of these designs and what we can offer you, please e-mail us.

Home Signwriting

to your right you'll see images of examples of how you can introduce signwriting into your home, though this "bathroom" 9 panel piece is just one of our examples we have previously done work for customers who required glass for their Laundery Room, or even the Pantry. There is a whole range of designs we can offer to help give your home that little something extra.
*All goods will be supplied subject to VAT @ 20% When ordering any glass off our website please make sure you provide the correct sizes including the correct tolerances. We can not take any responsibility for sizes that have been provided incorrectly! Information on glass sizes can be found on our MEASURE UP page, or if you require any further information on measuring up please contact us we are always here to help.

Please Note- if you require delivery your glass will have to be toughened. This is a saftey regulation and we cannot by law send it by post un-toughened. Alternativley if you want annealed glass you can collect it from our premises yourself.

Having trouble getting the sizes for your glass?
We can help you with instructional walkthroughs and videos, please visit our Measure Up page.