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Period Properties

Do you own a Period Property? This is a term without a fixed definition and probably misused by some in the industry.

A period property can loosely be defined as any property built before the First World War.
In practice this is likely to be Edwardian (the period approximately from 1901 to 1914) or Victorian (1837-1901).
Properties built prior to that could be considered period but often more specific descriptions such as Georgian or Regency are used to show their elevated status above the Victorian and Edwardian buildings.

Around one third of properties in the UK were built before the First World War and most of these are Victorian.

Basically, the older the building the more likely it is to be listed, listed buildings mark and celebrate its special architectural and historic interests, bringing it under the consideration of the planning system ensuring it can be protected for future generations.

We here are Knowsley Art Glass take pride in being able to preserve these beautiful buildings, and offer the services to help keep these buildings looking stunning, wether it be Edwardian, Victorian, Georgian or Regency.

Decorative Etched Glass Window for Period Properties

Plain double glazed units for sash windows like the photo above, or a more intricate design you can see in the door, we can help. This was a job done for a private customer based in Rainhill.

Arched Sash Window

Coloured Glass Decorative Glass For Sash Windos

Above you'll see a stunning victorian arched sash window, complete with enamel coloured borders, brilliant cut corners and one of our Victorian Etched Shrewsbury design, you can find here.
Not only do these glass panels bring light into the home, but they also restore that extra bit of character in your property.

Brilliant cut Borders In Sash Window

Brilliant Cut Glass Sash Windows
We often have customers come to us with a piece of broken brilliant cutting that needs to match the orginals in the exsisting frames, this is something we can help with!

With Brilliant cutting we often ask for a rubbing of the glass to help us recreate the design.

We have provided an instrutional video on how to do this, please see below.

Leadlight Skylight

Specialise in restoring Stained glass panels

Skylights are often just filled with clear glass, but you can really add some value to your home with either a leaded skylight like the one seen above, or a etched skylight.

For more information on skylights, please e-mail us at-

We also have pinterest, were we have a variation of boards with different design ideas, you can see these here. Alternativley you can see previous leadlight works of ours on our leadlight page, or on our leadlight gallery.

coloured glass windows stained glass

Arched Window With Amber & Blue Enamel Borders, Druids Cross Centers.

To the right you will find a image of a Arched window, complete with our druids cross repeat pattern in standard etched with surrounding enamel borders.

If you're not intreasted in having something colourful,
we have a range of standard etched design available,

you can find our etched repeat pattern designs here.

We also have a range of border and corner designs here

Decorative Coloured Etched Glass Window Panels

Large Arched Window

The images on the left depicted a very large arched window,
v this particular customer desired some clear glass with enamel and etched borders,

as you have been able to see with some of our previous arched window jobs on this page,
some desire a more obscure glass such as our
double etched or standard etched glass.
Decorative Victorian Etched Glass Window Panels

But as you can see we always work with the customer to help them create their desired design.

old english doors decorative glass

Period Doors

Not only do we supply glass, but we also supply doors!
We have a wide range of options to choose from, including Bespoke Doors, Internal Doors, & External Doors.

These doors will suit a number of period properties,
but what really completes the door, is the
style of glass you choose to go in it!

If you can send us some photos and give us an idea what era your house is, we can help find the perfect style to suit your property-