Nine Panel Glass packs to suit Downham, Warwick & Bristol Doors

The designs depicted on this page specially fit into Victorian style
Downham doors and Victorian nine panel sash windows.
Here at Knowsley Art Glass we supply a wide range of standard
designs available. The center panels are cut
from one of our Victorian etched glass designs
or one of our standard centre panels.
The surrounding borders are cut from one of the standard
Victorian etched designs or
one of out standard coloured enamel border designs,
the corners are cut from out
standard star bursts, available in brilliant cut also.
We also offer bespoke services to copy any original
designs you already have existing.
For more details on this
please send a picture and some approximate sizes via e-mail:

All price examples displayed on this page are
based on the following glass sizes:-
127x127mm Sq Corners
250x127mm Horizontal Borders
127x760mm Vertical Borders
250x760mm Centre Panel.
Please be aware if the sizes exceed the
above measurements the glass will be price P.O.A.

Having trouble getting the sizes for your glass?
We can help you with instructional walkthroughs and videos, please visit our Measure Up page.

You can find the internal doors to match these glass packs here.
You can find the external doors to match these glass packs here and Bespoke Doors here.

We have a very wide range of mix and match ideas for nine panel glass packs to suit Malton, Richmond & Derby doors, please see below for just a few ideas of what can be made...

Blue P28 Center/Starlight Borders/RE52 Corners

Druids Cross Center/P10 Amber Borders/G51 Corners

P28 Center/B1 Borders/EG52 Corners

P30 Center/P10 Red Borders/B1 Borders/Blue Glory Stars Corners

Amber Fleur De Lys Center/Blue Borders/Red Glory Star Corners

Amber P5 Center/P10 Etched Blue Borders/
B4 Borders/AE52 Corners

Victoria Center/P10 Blue Borders/R51 Corners

P26 Center/P10 Blue Borders/Blue Borders/RE52 Corners

P28 Center/B2 Amber Borders/
B1 Borders/BE52 Corners

Starlight Center/B2 Amber Borders/
B1 Borders/EG52 Corners

P23 Red Center/B1 Borders/EB52 Corners

P33 Center/P10 Etched Blue Borders/Brilliant Cut Blue Trefour Corners

P21 Center/Fleur Borders/GE52 Corners

P23 Amber Center/P10 Etched Amber Borders/Etched Glory Star Corners

Please Note- if you require delivery your glass will have to be toughened. This is a saftey regulation and we cannot by law send it by post un-toughened. Alternativley if you want annealed glass you can collect it from our premises yourself.

Center Panel Options

These unique centre panel designs are eye catching reproductions, bespoke services are also available, with our in house illustrator we can reproduce any existing design you have. The background of these centre panels is etched, leaving the design clear.

Center Panel Prices

Min Charge- £60.50 +VAT Per Panel
Per Sq Mt- £171.19 +VAT

Double Glazed Toughened-

6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm With Aluminium Spacer
Min Charge- £96.36 +VAT Per Unit
Price Per Mt2 - £282.10 +VAT

Border Options

There are lots of different border options, you may have a plain fired
enamel colour, fired enamel glass is also available with a design inlaid.
The colours available are Amber, Blue, Etched, Green and Red. Alternatively
you may choose an etched design from our Victorian etched design range.
The borders displayed to your right may be used in Victorian 9 panel doors
or sash windows, they are made in 6mm sheets 155x870mm and cut down to suit
your door or sash windows. Being made in 6mm thickness to comply with current
safety regulations on widths up to 249mm
Plain Colours No Design ~ Stock Sheet Size 155mm X 870mm
Design Number P10 ~ Design Size 70mm X 870mm ~
  Stock Sheet Size 155mm X 870mm
Lager sizes are Price
on Application

Enamel & Etch Border Set (Below)


Enamel & Etched Borders Set Of 4 Pieces ~
Stock Sheet Sizes-
2 @ 152mm x 860mm 2 @ 430mm x 152mm
£108.00 +VAT Per Set.

Enamel Border Set (below)


Enamel Borders Set Of 4 Pieces ~
Stock Sheet Sizes-
2@ 152mm x 860mm 2 @ 430mm x 152mm
£73.80 +VAT Per Set.

Plain Etched Border


Etched Borders Set Of 4 Pieces ~ £50.00 +VAT Per Set
(This Includes all of our Etched Repeat Patterns).

Double Etched


Enamel & Etched Borders Set Of 4 Pieces ~
£108.00 +VAT Per Set.

We also offer double etched borders & corners suitable
for the 9 panel doors. Different from our standard
etched glass where you can see through the design,
the double etched has the design as well as the
background etched; Perfect for those doors that
are in need of obscurity, for example bathroom doors.

Corner Options


These colourful corner designs are screen printed directly onto the glass and fired in the kiln at melting point, with the design etched out.
Stock Sheet Sizes 4 @ 127mm x 127mm ~£11.00 Each + VAT
Sold As A Set - £44.00


Brilliant cutting is a extraordinary skilled and artistic process, an age-old process passed down through many generations via apprenticeships. The process creates designs on glass and mirror and is all done by hand. These unique brilliant cut corners are all individually hand made out of flashed glass using Victorian traditional methods. Often seen as corners in Victorian sash windows and doors. Prices from~

£31.00 Each + VAT

These popular colourful eye catching corner designs are screen printed directly onto the glass and fired in the kiln at melting point.
4 @ 127mm x 127mm ~ £7.15 Each + VAT
Sold as a set of 4~ £38.00 + VAT

Cost Effective Options

Below you will see four options of our 9 Panel glass packs, starting with our most cost effective.


Etched Borders &
Centers, Enamel Corners

£122.00 +VAT


Enamel Borders
& Corners, Etched

£140.00 +VAT


Enamel Borders &
Centers & Corners

£180.00 +VAT


Enamel Borders, Centers &
Brilliant Cut Corners

£290.00 +VAT

*All goods will be supplied subject to VAT @ 20% When ordering any glass off our website please make sure you provide the correct sizes including the correct tolerances. We can not take any responsibility for sizes that have been provided incorrectly! Information on glass sizes can be found on our MEASURE UP page, or if you require any further information on measuring up please contact us we are always here to help.