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We have accomplished many vast attractive glass creations over the years, our main field being restoration, the knowledge we acquired over the years of restoring etched and coloured glass is endless. Every assignment we have had the pleasure of working on makes our job worthwhile. Our bespoke service allows us to copy any Victorian design and reproduce it using our own techniques. Not only does the restoration work apply to Victorian designs but furthermore modern designs. On this page we have displayed some of the one off designs we have reproduced for private customers and other glass and glazing merchants. Some of the Victorian etched glass we have reproduced in the past has fired enamel colours inlaid; this types of Victorian etched glass is very rare. There are lots of Victorian etched glass designs which we have copied and reproduced over the years. We have made the most popular Victorian etched glass designs a standard product in our catalog, this allows us to offer them to our customers at a top-notch competitive price. If you’re interested in pricing for a one off etched glass design please forward a picture and approx measurements by e-mail:

Restoration of glass for Moat Brae House, Dumfries

Return to Never Land: Joanna Lumley helps save the house that inspired Peter Pan; With its smashed windows & crumbling walls. But with a little help from Absolutely Fabulous actress Joanna Lumley, who has launched a £4 million appeal to return it to its former glory, the derelict Dumfries site where James Matthew Barrie often played as a schoolboy is now set to become Scotland's first centre for children's literature. JM Barrie is said to have dreamt up the story of Peter Pan in the garden of the now crumbling house, which was once a grand red sandstone villa boasting ten bedrooms over four storey. Moat Brae House has for years looked more like a squat than the magical mansion that gave birth to Peter Pan.

Left: Picture Of Glass After Restoration Right: Orginal Broken Glass


Traditional Leaded-Light Warrington
Below we show hand painted leaded-lights, in private residence in Warrington. The work consisted of copying the whole of the hand painted design, because as well as being broken it had been badly damaged by sandblasting, in the process of cleaning the brick work

Left: Orginal Broken Leaded Light Right: Picture Of Glass After Restoration

Etched Fired Enamel Fleur De Lyds Glass
We copied and reproduced the Victorian Etched Silverstain fired Enamel Fleur De Lys For A Company Called Recclesia From a Small Segment and digital picture. This work was completed completed August 2011

Left: Picture Of Glass After Restoration Right: Orginal Broken Glass

Copied and reproduced this Victorian etched panel for
Charles Lightfoot Ltd

Left: Orginal Broken Leaded Light Right: Picture Of Glass After Restoration

Above you’ll see an before and after pieces of unique etched Victorian design, as you can see it was brought to us completely shattered. Fortunately we were able to copy and reproduce this unique piece, and return our finished sandblasted reproduction to Charles Lightfoot Ltd, a fellow Stained Glass company.
Etched Fired Enamel Glass For The Wheatsheaf Hotel, Church St. Littleborough.

Left: Orginal Broken Leaded Light Right: Picture Of Glass After Restoration

Etched Fired Enamel Glass For The Wheatsheaf Hotel, Church St. Littleborough.
We were given the contract to copy and reproduce the etched fired enamel panels From A Company Called Bridgewater Group Manchester, We made one of the Red/ Silverstain/ Etched border panels as the pictures to the right depicts, and two of the Blue/ Silverstain/ Etched Panels as pictures below. This work was completed August 2011

Etched & Stained Glass Dome (Ireland)

Photographs from Left to Right:
The Original Broken Segment/ Masking off the glass ready for sandblasting/The segment is then ready to be fired/After being fired and bent at melting point in the kiln.

The photographs above display stained glass that came from an abbey in Belfast, Ireland (Mount Melleray - Portlegon House - Our Lady Of Bethlehem Abbey). The work consisted of the replacing one segment of a six segment dome which had been broken. Each piece was approximately 1700mm x 1220mm (67inch x 48 Inch). The overal size of the dome was 3.5MT wide x 3 MT high. The work we carried out was to copy and reproduce the etched fired enamel design from the original segment, we then applied the design to a piece of 7mm Roughcast, we then applied resist to the glass. The glass was then sandblasted, then with the help of a company who specializes in glass bending the glass was both bent and fired in a kiln at the same time. Bent glass is not unusual to this size but glass staining is. The photographs to the right display the processes we went through to recreate the dome segment.


Etched Enamel Door Panel And Sidelights Copied And Reproduced For A Private Customer In Scotland Through Solaglas Windowcare

The picture of the door panel and sidelight were copied and reproduced for a private customer in Scotland, through Solaglas Windowcare. The panels had been copied by a company previously to ourselves, but the colours were all incorrect! These panels were a very unusual design to reproduce, as there were several different colours to apply to fire in the kiln as well as etching parts of the design.
Etched Enamel Door Panel Copied & Reproduced For Pearsons Glass Ltd, Merseyside
The pictures of the door panel below were copied and reproduced from one broken piece of the original. The border design was very intricate and quite hard to copy and lay out. The coloured border was fired in the kiln, then the design was etched out of the glass. This design was very unusual and also very effective, as the coloured border looked fantastic with the etched glass

Stained Glass Panel (Warrington Cheshire)

The picture below was copied and reproduced for a Public House called Pattern Arms (Warrington). The Work consisted of one panel of 6 mm glass 521mmX854mm, which we applied 4 different types of glass enamel, etched and fired.
Etched Enameled Glass Copied & Reproduced For Authentic Stained Glass Scotland.

Traditional Leaded-Lights (Robsons Glass, Formby)
The pictures below are four of fourteen stained glass leaded-lights which we copied and reproduced for Robsons Glass. All the stained glass leaded-lights were badly damaged, only some of the original hand painted centres were reused, most of them were remade and replaced. The designs are vibrant using several techniques we were able to restore them to their full beauty!

Traditional Lead-Lights, Made For a Customer in The Wirral.

The following pictures are of the Duke of Wellington and James Watt, as you can see by the before and after pictures the glass was quite badly damaged. These beautifully crafted leaded-lights were copied and reproduced by ourselves for Hillbark Hotel, found in the Wirral. The panels were broken in several different places, and only selected few of these pieces were reusable. Though most of the more intricate hand painted pieces were needed to be replaced.


Barreled Ceiling Light (London)

The picture of the barrel leaded light celling was made by ourselves for His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Salman Bin Hamad Al-Khalifa. In the entrance celling of his London Residence. The celling is approximately 5200mmX3500mm.

Etched Vase

This particular Etched piece was made for a private customer residing in Scotland, with a beautiful unique vase design is made up of 3 grades of etching, etched, acid etched, and clear.

Plaza Community Cinema, Crosby.

The Plaza Cinema in Crosby, Liverpool is
something to be admired, opening in 1939 it
really feels as though you’re stepping back in
time. We were happy to work with The Plaza
Cinema in restoring all the front doors with
a beautiful art deco design, which encapsulated
the overall spirit of the cinema. Not only does
the etched and blue fired enamel
design stand out, but with
added effect of the lights the doors
really draw in the eye.

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