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etched glass

Information about our decorative glass products...

We know buying glass can be quite a daunting task, that why here at Art Glass we are always aiming to make it as painless as possible!

Over the 30 years we've been in buisness we've had a lot of questions and queries, thats why we have created this blog.
To ensure our customer have the best and easiest experience when buying decorative glass.

etched glass or plastic window film

Etched Glass vs Plastic Film.

Information on why etched glass is better than plastic film, not only for your pocket, but for your home.

bevelled leadlight

How you can spot the difference between traditional leadlights & plastic film.

Information on how you can avoid choosing plastic film products which often cost the same as traditional leadlights but don't last as long.

floral leadlight

Information on Stained Glass & Leadlights

A informational blog on stained glass and leadlights, including the materials & methods used to make them.

etched glass designs

What is Etched Glass? & Where Can It Be Used?

Infomation on our etched glass products, and what we can do for you.

making a glass template

How To Make Glass Templates

Informational blog & video on how to make glass templates.
This is made mainly for shaped glass so we can ensure your glass is cut to the corret shape and size.

measure glass

How To Measure Windows

Instructional information on how to get the correct sizes for the glass you're ordering.

brilliant cut glass rubbing
How To Make Glass Rubbing

At Art Glass we can reproduce orginal brilliant cut glass panels, we often ask for photos of the broken brilliant cut pieces of glass and a rubbing.

removing glass from frame

How To Remove Glass From Frame

An Instructional blog including video on how to remove glass from a frame.
This includes the safest way to remove broken glass panels from your frame.

picture glass

Our Cost Effective Alternative to Leadlights

Information on our fired enamel panel range and how its made!
We offer these products as a cheaper alternative to leadlights.

brilliant cut glass

Brilliant Cut Glass

Information on our Brilliant Cut Glass products, how they are made, and if you have a broken brilliant cut panel how we can replace it for you!


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